Who We Serve

X-Ciel works for a wide range of industries, from public sector units to corporate clients. We help new business units in setting up the business and guide to the high potential existing market players in new business verticals. Our Research stream helps professionals and decision makers to achieve their strategic business goals.

Here is a brief glance of the types of industries we are serving.


Public Sector

(Professional Associations, Non-Profit, Government, others)

Service Industries

(Financial services, Administration, others)

Heavy Industry

(Energy, Resources, Chemical, Shipping, others)

Consumer Goods

(Apparel, Cosmetics, Entertainment, others)

Media & Technology

(Computer hard/soft ware, E-commerce, IT, others)

Life Science

(Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, other)

Food & Beverage

(Dairy product, Soft drinks, Coffee, others)

Decision Makers

(New Entrants & Decision makers, who believe to make their efforts successful)